Hatchers Pass (4/14/2012)

For their last weekend in Alaska, Mike, Nick and I decided to hit up Hatcher Pass. They had been there the few days before and said the snow was good, so we didn’t hesitate to make the drive especially with the weather like this.

We skinned up the first hill and dropped off the back side to make our way further into the valley.  Which coincidentally is called “Bear Valley”… you’ll see why…

Image            Image   Image    Image

Mike and I at the top of our first run for the day!

Image  ImageImage

From the bottom of our first run, we took a hard left and started a long trek to the back of the valley.  Crossed some major avalanche debris…    Image

Saw some interesting tracks…   Image

And quickly found the owner…


After taking a detour around the bear den my skins had built up quite a bit of snow.  This is most likely due to the fact that while we were skinning the snow had warmed up significantly.  Lucky for me, I have two awesome friends to help out…

Image                    Image

We stopped for a break after the bear sighting to have some food, Nick decided to get a backflip in… no. big. deal.


From there, we skinned up to the top of the ridge      

Image       Image  Image  Image

Looking down at our second run of the day…


Nick went first (photo by Mike):


Then me (photo by Mike):


Then Mike: 

   Image  Image Image

Looking back up at our lines (photo by Mike):  


We jumped on the same skin track and made our way to the ridge again.  This pic is from the top of our third run of the day.  Nick dropped in below me to the left and Mike is above to the right.  Image Image

 Here’s Nick (photo by Mike):           


Nick got some shots of me: (haha… I took a good faceplant)       


But got back up to finish strong…

Image       Image 

So stoked! Definitely some of the best snow I’ve skied this year in the back country.  Our 3 lines from our last run are behind me…  


By then the light was getting pretty flat and we had a few mile ski back to the car, so we made our way out of Bear Valley via bear tracks:


Overall amazing day: snow was stable, skies were clear, weather was warm and sunny, powder was light and deep… I couldn’t ask for better spring skiing!  Ohhh and we saw 2 grizzly bears (I love Alaska!) 

Big thanks to Mike Records and Nick Matisse for the awesome visit and amazing skiing! See you guys next year!

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One Response to Hatchers Pass (4/14/2012)

  1. dfoges says:

    I love your blog master P, and seeing how much fun Mike and Nick had up there I might have to find my way up there too. Keep it root down

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