Denali by Air…

Alright, to preface this post I have to say that I have NEVER had the urge to climb Denali.  Mountain climbing to me has always been a hobby and a passion.  Though there is a fine line between passion and obsession, Denali crosses that line.  To me, climbing is something that should be enjoyable.  When fun outdoor hobbies turn into potential death wishes, that’s when it starts to lean towards the crazy side.  Obviously, there are days that are harder than others: puking from altitude sickness at the summit of Kilimanjaro, waiting out blizzards in the tent, and even getting a ride down Mt. Hood in an avalanche.  Yes, these are all things that have happened to me.  So….. maybe I have already crossed the line into obsession…?  Either way, I was still trying to deny any desire to try and summit the highest peak in America, and things were going ok until I saw the mountain up close…

My good friend Justin came up for a visit and we decided to take the flight seeing tour around Denali, including the North side and a glacier landing.  We lucked out completely on weather, as it was absolutely gorgeous in Talkeetna and on the mountain that day. 

Here are the best of the best pics from the trip… (and yes, this trip made me want to climb it!)




Denali (right) and Foraker (left)




Mt. Hunter…


Flying around to the North side of Denali…


These are granite cliffs are 4,000 ft tall…


Landing on the Eldridge Glacier…


The Ruth Glacier… 40 miles long and over 2,000 feet deep.


Back in Anchorage for sunset over sleeping lady…


This was such an amazing day! I highly HIGHLY recommend doing a flight around Denali.  Seeing the North side was my favorite part so make sure you plan for that as well as a glacier landing!  We went with the company Talkeetna Air Taxi and they were great.


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2 Responses to Denali by Air…

  1. YOW! I can only say that you will need a lot of preparation, several weeks of vacation time, and some very solid guides. I do not believe I want to try this. That kinda hurts to say, but I’m beginning to come to grips with some age-related limitations. Let’s do a nice 14’er in July and talk about this some more. I love you! Dada

  2. Mike Records says:

    Reading your blog posts makes me jealous. Beautiful!

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